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Admissions and Withdrawals

  1. No pupil will be admitted without a transfer certificate from the last school attended and in no case shall a scholar be permitted to attend a class pending formal admission.
  2. If a pupil comes from an unrecognized school his admission can be held valid only after his transfer certificate is countersigned by the inspector of schools.
  3. The leaving certificate of a pupil coming from a school outside the state of Uttar Pradesh must be countersigned by the educational authorities of the district in which the school is situated.
  4. A pupil joining the school must produce satisfactory evidence of his date of birth, such as an extract from govt. authorities.
  5. Pupils applying for admission, as a rule, has to undergo a written test. In the case of late admission of a pupil, the fee from the beginning of first term shall be charged.
  6. Application for leaving certificate shall be made in writing by the parent or guardian.
  7. A leaving certificate will not be issued until all the fees are paid.
  8. Transfer certificate will be issued only 2 – 7 days after the receipt of application.