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Admissions And Withdrawals

  1. No Pupil Will Be Admitted Without A Transfer Certificate From The Last School Attended And In No Case Shall A Scholar Be Permitted To Attend A Class Pending Formal Admission.
  2. If A Pupil Comes From An Unrecognized School His Admission Can Be Held Valid Only After His Transfer Certificate Is Countersigned By The Inspector Of Schools.
  3. The Leaving Certificate Of A Pupil Coming From A School Outside The State Of Uttar Pradesh Must Be Countersigned By The Educational Authorities Of The District In Which The School Is Situated.
  4. A Pupil Joining The School Must Produce Satisfactory Evidence Of His Date Of Birth, Such As An Extract From Govt. Authorities.
  5. Pupils Applying For Admission, As A Rule, Has To Undergo A Written Test. In The Case Of Late Admission Of A Pupil, The Fee From The Beginning Of First Term Shall Be Charged.
  6. Application For Leaving Certificate Shall Be Made In Writing By The Parent Or Guardian.
  7. A Leaving Certificate Will Not Be Issued Until All The Fees Are Paid.
  8. Transfer Certificate Will Be Issued Only 2 – 7 Days After The Receipt Of Application.